See what our happy clients are saying:

I am generally a rather sceptical person when it comes to therapy. I’ve always had the view that why seek the services of counsellors or therapists when I can talk to friends or family about my issues. It was in fact a friend who recommended Barbara to me. My then fiancé and I were planning our wedding and a friend of mine suggested we go for premarital counselling before the wedding.

I was not interested, more because I felt that me and my fiancé knew all that was to be known about each other. We met with Barbara weekly for 12 weeks before the wedding and it was an unbelievable eye opener. I learned so much about how my husband feels when I say certain things, I learnt his love languages, he learnt mine. We learnt how to manage conflict in the home as well as how to build a home together whilst still supporting our families.

Something that was so difficult at first was to realise that his responsibilities became mine and vice verse. Through these sessions, my husband has opened up to me more than he has done in our 9 years together. Our eyes were opened! I cannot stress enough how helpful these sessions have been. We continue to meet with Barbara once every three months just to help us keep on track and to keep the lines of communication open. Happily married and so grateful for finding Barbara.
-TC Kitwe

I was initially reluctant to see a counsellor because I thought it would be a waste of money. However it was the best decision I ever made. Barbara uncovered layers that I hadn’t even realised existed. I would definitely recommend her services.
-CC Ndola

I am grateful for your kindness and support during what was a tough time.
-DM Mufulira