Relationship/Couples counselling

Pre marital counselling, Managing conflict, Communication issues, Intimacy concerns, Building healthy boundaries, Infidelity

First, let me tell you a story.

Our service is committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse in the community and to working with other professionals and agencies whose clients may be affected by interpersonal abuse.

There’s a woman. She’s beautiful, smart and hard working. She’s cheerful and always smiling and laughing. Her colleagues want to be her and yet at the end of the day she goes home to her marriage and family and the mask comes off. She is not happy. She feels alone. She doesn’t know when she last felt loved, listened to or appreciated. In fact she is lonely.

Her husband cheated. She decided to stay. She can’t trust him and doesn’t know where to start.

There is a man. He is silent. His family do not understand why he won’t be the way he once was. He is withdrawn and when he does speak its short and curt.

You see, both are not alone and neither are you.

It is not uncommon for couples to find themselves at a crossroad in their relationship / marriage, seemingly unable to move forward or backward. Many couples desire to restore the beauty their relationship once had, or to move forward and create something new, more rewarding.

Do you find that you and your partner are in this place? Are you unable to see around the obstacles in your relationship? It is possible to rebuild your relationship / marriage better yet to build it as new to gain new understanding, new vibrancy and a renewed commitment to a future together.

Communication is often a paramount issue in relationship conflict. Through therapy couples learn new and often vastly more effective ways to communicate.

Moreover, effective communication can quickly put a relationship on a pathway to healing. It can open the door to deeper issues as couples are more able to share in a neutral environment in the presence of a neutral party.

Sometimes there are very painful events that have occurred during the course of a relationship. Infidelity, physical or emotional abuse, intense jealousy, anger/rage, lack of commitment, or a controlling or unresponsive spouse. Counselling can help.

When it seems hopeless and impossible to resolve these issues it is time to seek help. Often therapists are able to see through the hurt and help couples find the pathway to a new and more satisfying relationship.

I work with couples who are dating, those contemplating taking things to the next level and married couples.

Are you and your partner experiencing feelings of hopelessness, insecurity or other relationship issues? Having difficulty connecting and communicating? Single family, Divorced or Blended family challenges?

My focus is to help couples and families find solutions for their personal life challenges.