Individual Counselling

Our service is committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse in the community and to working with other professionals and agencies whose clients may be affected by interpersonal abuse.

The reasons people start individual counselling are as vast as the people themselves.

For some, they may be going through a difficult phase or season in life.

Transitioning jobs, locations, relationships, or roles in life can lead to stress, and it may be helpful to begin counselling to process through all the changes that are occurring.

Others may have noticed patterns in their relationships with others that are getting in the way of their ability to have really healthy connections.

These may be related to things that occurred during childhood, challenges related to family members, or difficulties communicating or navigating conflict.

Some individuals need assistance learning tools and skills to help them during times of depression or anxiety, and may have struggled with mental health issues for years or just a short time. Still others experienced deep wounds or traumatic events through their lives that are now making it hard to even function or carry on in everyday life.

There also are those who generally just want to learn to increase their understanding of themselves and their patterns, or who may be on a journey of spiritual discovery in life.

These individuals may be seeking a place to gain insight and general self-growth, without a specific problem or concern.

If for some reason, I am not able to assist you with a specific issue, I can still provide you with some names and numbers of other talented clinicians who might be even more specialised in the area you are struggling, and can definitely help point you in the right direction. These areas include but are not limited to depression, alcohol and substance abuse.